Lickety Split (vegan)

Sydney Gardens, Bath BA2

We’re feeling very lucky to have landed ourselves a regular pitch in the lovely Sydney Garden’s in Bath! Find us here throughout the summer for a delish gelato – 100% vegan.

We serve up gelato that’s flipping tasty and a proper treat. It also happens to be vegan – Lickety Split don’t do dairy because we believe that there’s no need to and that at the heart of ethical food consumption is a plant based diet. We’re not claiming to be perfect and definitely cast no judgments but we’re striving to be kinder and more responsible.

She’s ready and looking gorgeous! It’s going to be pretty near perfect ice cream weather, too. Find us chilling in the shade of the trees in the beautiful City of Bath. Decadent dairy-free gelato served from our customised bike. Yes everything on our bike is vegan.