2-3 Cleveland Place East, London Road, Bath BA1 5DJ

We are your action-driven refilling fairies, on a journey to create shopping experience and platforms to help you in your own journey to be zero-waste and single-use plastic-free.

Our essential goods and products shop is zero-waste; we strive to bring you single-use plastic-free products, that are kinder to the planet, sustainable, local, organic and ethically produced, as well as good for your health. Sometimes we will have to bring a product from a little further than our next door farm but we understand and work towards reducing our own CO2 emissions and creating as small foot-print as we can.
We select our suppliers and products very carefully to reflect our vision for global awareness and need to act now. We research each product, then check and test it again, and all with Yours and the our mother Earth’s wellbeing in mind.