Swish Icecream (vegan)


Swish is all about greatness. Because we believe vegan ‘alternatives’ shouldn’t just live up to the original, but can be even greater. ​

Every one of our lollies is made by hand, with exquisitely blended flavours from whole food ingredients. Our flavours have taken months of testing to perfect, and we’re certain they wont disappoint. We use 100% compostable and recyclable packaging, with minimal use for minimal waste. Swish is now Bristol’s most exciting boutique micro-factory for vegan icecream.

Every batch of our icecream is churned right here in St George, Bristol. If you own a cafe, restaurant or catering business and struggle to find truly amazing vegan icecreams, we can supply you with minimally packaged lollies that are ready to serve. If you’re having a birthday party, event or wedding, we can deliver lollies your guests will go nuts for.