Arjee Bhajee

169 Soundwell Road, Staple Hill, Bristol BS16 4RP

We know what you’re thinking, The Arjee Bhajee?  You must be full of laughs and giggles, right?  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Arjee Bhajee is an authentic Indian kitchen where our authentic chefs cook up all your favorite meals, creating a family-friendly, bring-your-own restaurant and takeaway.

The restaurant draws inspiration from our passion for diversity in people, food, and banter. Our mission is to always deliver fresh, high-quality meals with health, well-being and value for money at the heart of your experience of eating with us.

Remember that old saying “Fancy a Ruby Murray” we’re bringing it back!

Neck of the Woods Cafe

St Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Rd, St Werburghs, Bristol BS2 9TJ

Made with love

We believe that it is really important to give back and are always looking at new ways to invest into our community and with your support hope to make a lasting effect. Friendly service, colourful salads, loaded sandwiches & toasties, speciality coffee and home baked goodies are prepared daily. Come find us in your neck of the woods.

Holy moley! This summery melon & avocado salad is seriously banging! Peanut, soy sauce & sesame dressing just finishes it off. New to the menu is this mind blowing Celeriac “pastrami” and mustard bagel. #veganbristol

Bristol Distilling Co

Unit D, Malago Vale Estate, St John’s Lane, Bristol BS3 5BQ

In an industry bloated with ‘heritage this’ and ‘tradition, that’, we think there’s room for a brand like us. A brand that sets itself apart in how it thinks, the way it goes about things, the drinks it creates, and how it expresses itself.

And how do we do it? By stealing the vital elements from traditional distilling, binning the rest, then starting afresh. Unfettered by convention, we can go off the beaten track to somewhere no-one’s been before.

We have a taproom onsite, so come down for some brilliant cocktails and delicious food. Can’t wait to see you for a drink!

Poco Tapas Bar

45 Jamaica Street , Bristol BS2 8JP

Celebrating seasonal bounty and supporting the best of our local producers.

Our menus, designed by Head Chef Ian Clark, showcase ingredients that are selected for their locality, exceptional quality, and sustainable credentials. We endeavour to waste nothing, a motivation that fuels our creativity and has led us to some unique and special techniques for preparing and utilising often wasted ingredients.

Seasonal set menus celebrate seasonal bounty, and the network of small scale food producers we work with inc the Root to Fruit (V/VG) menus. They change regularly as new produce and forage come into season. The menus consist of a sequence of small plates and are designed for two to share but we can tailor the offering for parties with odd numbers.

Empire of India

65 Queens Rd, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 2NW

We provide an authentic Indian and Bengal cuisine with a contemporary dining experience using the freshest ingredients to create some of the most exquisite dishes from India and Bangladesh. Our chefs’ have years of experience in the Indian restaurant industry, so we truly know what makes Indian food stand out.

All these dishes are labelled for vegans. The following dishes are selection of Mild, Medium and Hot curries.