Chaya veggies

100 Mina Road, St Werburghs, Bristol BS2 9XW

Fruit And Vegetable Shop. Open today until 20:00.

We are a Vegan owned shop in St Werburghs ! We sell fresh fruit and veg, pantry items, flowers and house plants. (All products are vegan).

All our baked good today are amazing. @forestbakerybristol you guys are amazing. We now have wonder selection of nuts at very affordable prices. Freshly made ice cream! We will have a delicious range of flavours available including strawberry, raspberry and banana. Yes they all are vegan!

A balanced diet of fresh fruit and veg will always help keep you healthy. Can’t beat a healthy fresh juice in the morning. Fresh is best.

Such a big thank you to the st werburghs community !