Chilli Daddy

45-47 Baldwin St, Bristol BS1 1RA

Vegan Delight – a Chilli Daddy New Restaurant for Vegan Food. We decided to take out all our vegan dishes to form a vegan menu and more new vegan dishes coming soon. This is how Chilli Daddy Vegan Delight Restaurant started! Exclusively on UberEats!

Chilli Daddy restaurant and market stall are aiming to share an authentic Szechuan food experience with local people and serve family-tradition-based noodle/rice meals and starter/side dishes. I learnt all the recipes and cooking skills from my mother, Mrs Jade back in rural Szechuan, China in the 1980s-1990s, and she learnt them in the 1940s-1950s from my grandmother, Mrs Chen-Zhang.

9 thoughts on “Chilli Daddy

  1. We actually ended up in there yesterday,and it was really good! Very good value. Nice manager and gf options. The 0 strength tofu noodle was perfect for T, my no2 was a bit strong but I managed ok and was full to the brim


  2. i’m actually in love with chilli daddy… me and my partner go once every week (which i think is fairly restrained since we basically live right above it!)


  3. Hi Yegor,

    I am so sorry to hear about your experience at Baldwin St restaurant. I have spoken to the staff who talked to you that day. Our front desk staff do not deal with cooking in the kitchen. Afterwards she told me that she had told you what she had thought it could be.I was not in the restaurant at that moment and she did not call me to find out.
    I can assure you all our veg and Toufu are cooked in veg soup without any meat at all. It did show we need to train our front desk staff with some kitchen cooking basics.

    As for dumpling, we have two types of dumpling dishes: one is pork with wild garlic or Chinese leaves and the other is Chinese Wild Mushroom with wild garlic or Chinese leaves which is the one specially made for vegetarians and vegans and there is no meat in it at all.

    I list the veg&vegan dishes as follows for your information:

    1. Veg Dumpling
    2. Beansprout Salad
    3. Veg Noodle Hotpot
    4. Toufu Noodle Hotpot
    5. Mouthwatering Toufu Rice meal
    6. Stir-fried Toufu Rice box (Friday Food Market only)

    Some new exciting vegetarian and vegan dishes are coming soon in our new restaurant.

    I hope the above information is satisfactory; however, if you still have some concerns or questions, please do let me know at any time.

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience and concerns with us. Your feedback is always welcome and highly appreciated.

    Best wishes,
    Chilli Daddy


  4. I wanted to try tofu noodle hotpot today, however when i asked if it is vegan ive been told that they cook noddles together with chicken (!?) Sooo… I advise you to ask before you buy somethibg there..


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