Veli Goods (vegan)

It is clear to us that good quality vegan cheese, delivered is absolutely essential to the vast majority of people who make a purchase. So with that in mind, we have decided to close the doors on our Kingswood tasting room in order to improve our online offering. *Sad face* But no! It’s a happy face really because from the ashes of the Kingswood cheese vault will rise even more exciting cheesy times! To start with, from Monday 7th March, we are launching our subscription box service!

During the first lockdown we were craving awesome cheese so badly that we began to buy it in bulk straight from the suppliers. When our friend’s got wind of this, they wanted to join in too. We thought, ‘wouldn’t it be amazing if vegans in Bristol could get incredible cheese and meat style products delivered to their door? And so Veli Goods – the Vegan Deli – was born.

We sell a variety of vegan deli products from a range of British producers, perfect for a picnic, cheeseboard or grazing table. From delectable truffle to light and spreadable cheddar-style, we’ve got a vegan cheese for every palate. Delicious seitan-based meats that will revolutionise your plant-based baguette, plus delicious grazing snacks. A range of sustainable and environmentally friendly wines paired with our cheeses and meats by our in-house experts.

A handpicked selection of our finest products – great as a gift or for a special occasion.