Oak (veg)


2 North Parade Passage, Off Abbey Green, Bath BA1 1NX

When Acorn re-open it will be as OAK

We make good food first, tasty and nutritious. OAK is a place for raucous good times with friends, to whisper quietly in the snug or idly enjoy lunch whilst crowds saunter past the window.

We also want to do something more. At its core Oak it is about the soil, about the land, what we put into it and what we take out of it. It has long frustrated us how hard it is to find everyday food that uses ingredients as they should be: grown in soil that has had nothing chemical added. Our wine and drinks will all be low intervention, grown naturally and fermented without interference.

Acorn is definitely not going away, we will have more news on this soon but for now we feel the need for OAK more. Acorn proved that plants can be special, OAK goes back to basics and gets it right from the soil up.

Everything is made vegan but there are 2/3 dishes that can be made veggie. All uses of cheese have cashew cream alternative or similar. Menu up on the website.

5 thoughts on “Oak (veg)

  1. We went to Acorn on Sunday evening. The atmosphere was great and we had a three course menu of carrot pate, mushroom and celeriac (which tasted like roast dinner), and a very rich chocolate torte.

    Fantastic place, would recommend to anybody.


  2. I went here for my birthday and was absolutely thrilled – I struggled to order at first because there was so much amazing food on offer! I ended up going for the Smoked Field Mushroom, glazed in rich mushroom demi-glace, with baby baked potatoes in a mustard and chervil sauce, salt baked celeriac purée and market greens.

    Followed this this the salted chocolate tart – absolutely amazing food and I’m dying to go back!


  3. We visited Acorns on a Saturday afternoon, enjoyed a superb meal. Friendly staff, 3 course meal for £17.50 was good value. Will cetainly return to enjoy other Vegan food.


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