Buff Bar


Little Ann Street, Old Market, Bristol


So here is a bit about me… I would firstly describe myself as an artist, my background is in arts, crafts and fashion. I enjoy creating and making and this comes in many forms! I have been training as a nail tech since 2017, qualifying in 2018 not only as a nail tech but also in e-filing , gel polish application, nail art and much more!

It is very important that BUFF BAR is…
LGBTQIA + friendly
BAME + POC friendly
Disability friendly

-Not only is it important that BUFF BAR is friendly and welcoming to people who identify with the communities listed above but, it is important that BUFF BAR supports these people and communities-
Avoiding using and supporting products / companies who use and advocate testing on animals
Aiming to use and support as many vegan products / companies as possible
Aiming to be as eco friendly as possible
A clean and safe environment