Valami Plant-based Charcuterie

Small batch, handmade, plant-based Charcuterie. Coming soon – join our mailing list to be the first to try.

Today was a major breakthrough.⁣ After many delays and a frustrating number of failed experiments I think I’ve cracked the holy grail and got plant-based Pepperoni that does cupping.⁣

In case you’re not familiar with the term “cupping” it is an artifact of cooking charcuterie that has been made in natural casings. This causes the sausage to have a “memory” of its state before being pushed into the case and when heated it pops up into cup shapes that hold the fat in place and provide a crisp top and less crisp, greasy bottom. ⁣By far the most requested feature of my flagship product has been that it cups and I’ve only bloody done it!⁣

There’s still a way to go flavour wise with this recipe as I’ve been using cheap simulations of the rather expensive spices that I use in my previous working recipe. However, I have a recipe to work from so things are looking good for 2020⁣. My priority is the Vegan Pepperoni. Once i’ve got that nailed i’ll continue to work on other types of charcuterie, the development schedule at the moment is: Vegan Pepperoni, Vegan Milano Salami, Vegan Pancetta, Vegan Chorizo. Handmade, 100% plant-based Charcuterie – coming soon to the UK.

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