The Vegan Cafe (closed)

52 Moorland Road, Bath BA2 3PJ

These chaotic and difficult times have led us to take the hard decision to close the café. We want to thank to all the wonderful people who believed in us and supported us all this time. We promise, as passionate vegan activists, that despite to the end of this chapter we will continue to be active in promoting veganism in all ways we are able to. We hope everyone finds the strength to overcome these difficult times and furthermore to choose to make a positive difference that would lead to a better world for all of us. Stay safe. Stay positive. Be compassionate. Peace.

We are an independent café, run by passionate activists and their family. We promote delicious vegan foods as well as the ethics behind veganism.

Our coffee shop is located on Moorland Road, Bath UK Only 10 minutes walk from the center of Bath. Home cooking (Mushroom, Potato, and Bean stew), fast-food (Not dog, Sheezeburger), soup (Pea and mint, Potato and leek), home made cakes (gluten-free), hot drinks, soft drinks, alcohol-free drinks (beer, cider and champagne).

We offer a wide range of 100% vegan products.