Creative Vegan and Gluten Free Class

Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut with the same old dishes for friends and family.  This class is all about exploring new ways of cooking with an emphasis on healthier, plant based dishes (that happen to be gluten free).  It really is a class for everyone who enjoyed beautiful, good food. We make a lot of vegan dishes for the deli counter and for our catering events, and often get asked how to make imaginative vegan dishes that aren’t super complicated.  This class is perfect for that! All these dishes are a delight to create and eat whether you are vegan or not.

What you will make (may change according to market availability of ingredients)

King oyster mushroom scallops with parsley and walnut pesto
Tempeh tacos with raw cashew queso
Butternut squash lasagna

Healthy ‘Mayonnaise’
Indulgent ‘Chocolate’ brownies

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