Hoba Kebab


23/25 St Augustine’s Parade, Bristol BS1 4UL (From 10/3/22)

Yep, we’re finally opening our first ever sparkly restaurant for you all to enjoy. Right opposite where it all began – where Hoba did its first ever market all those years ago, at BRISTOL HARBOURSIDE.

Calling all Vegans. ALMIGHTY VEGAN for you almighty kebabes out there. Roasted cauliflower, sticky jackfruit, and oyster mushrooms, with tahini, cucumber, pickled cabbage, pickled onions, chimichurri mayo, and crispy onions. She’s packing it all, this gal. One of our many vegan option for veganuary… and, well, any time of the year.

After discovering the amazing kebab scene in Berlin, it was the bread that really made an impression. We became obsessed with trying to find it back in the UK and quickly realised we were going to have to create our very own version of it, a Hoba.

We have you sorted! Roasted cauliflower and pickled cabbage is just one of our vegan options ……not to mention our dirty fries. Shredded oyster mushroom, sticky jackfruit and chargrilled cauliflower. Treat yo’self to a bab and a beer tonight.