Tempeh Meades


It’s taken a hell of a lot longer than I anticipated but the water is merrily boiling, the incubator is like a sauna, and – most importantly – the tempeh is gracing us with it’s presence. First batch, went to town with this beast of a 1.5kg block. British Yellow Pea. Coming just in time for Veganuary!

Bristol-based Tempeh Maker.

Gluten-free, high protein, delicious and made from pulses grown in the UK.

Chickpea tempeh, balsamic glaze, spectacular flavour. Experimented with a bigger block. Came out pretty crumbly and sub par. Notes have been taken, measurements adjusted, and black bean tempeh is coming up next. It’s taken a little bit of tinkering around but we now have our fava tempeh in the bag. Next we’re going to spice it up a little. Fortunately, I already have a bag of hodmedods finest British quinoa to hand.