Tempeh Meades



Tempeh Meades was conceptualised whilst we were living on the Kenyan coast (then known as ‘Pojo Tempeh’; using just banana leaves and the East African heat for production). When our travels took us to Indonesia (where tempeh originates) Ben seized the opportunity to train in commercial tempeh production in West Java.

On returning to the UK and settling in Bristol, the tempeh business evolved to Tempeh Meades, and the workshop was established in the city centre. The name is a play on Bristol’s main train station (Temple Meads) which is close to where the workshop is located, combined with Ben’s surname (Meade). Clearly, it was meant to be!

Here at Tempeh Meades, we’re passionate about our product: it’s fermented, high in protein and made by hand. We’re currently working on new varieties using British-grown pulses. We think tempeh is for everyone: it’s a food that is good for you, and good for the planet too. We offer soy and soy free varieties of tempeh, made using a handful of natural ingredients.