Indian Fusion Vegan Indian Cookery


Learn the art of creating and cooking beautiful food (17th April)…

Chana & Tamarind Masala; chick peas in a spicy onion, tomato & tamarind masala. As on the menu at my Supperclub pop up at the Primrose Cafe January & March 2018

Chilli Tofu; cubed tofu marinated in a paprika coating with diced redonion and green pepper cooked in a soy chilli garlic sauce. As demonstrated in the Chefs Theatre at the Oxford Foodies Festival, September 2018

Carrot & Wholegrain Mustard Raita; soya yoghurt. As on the menu at my Supperclub pop up at the Primrose Cafe January & March 2018

Lemon Pillau Rice

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