Cumin-Alive Does The Curious Pumpkin

Rather excited to be doing our next event (Saturday, 26 January 2019) with the lovely folk at The Curious Pumpkin. We are going to be taking our rather fabulous feeding ability to Westons rather excellent Vegan cafe. Here’s what we think you just might like to eat.

Dokla……where do we start…gram flour…..rice flour….fermented…steamed…..a beautiful mustard and sesame seed garnish (and some secret Ingredients my mother won’t let me share)

Idli Sambhar……because one steamed dish is never enough……steamed rice cakes drowned in a dahl made from pigeon peas (no pigeons will be hurt in the making of this dahl….it’s a vegan night!)….these pigeons are going to share the plate with a coconut chutney.

Samosa Chaat – Samosas….what could be better right?…..But oh how they are garnished….start with a chickpea curry, then a dash of coriander chutney…and then another dash because who can resist…..a splash of tamarind……some red onion……some explosive pomegranate seeds…..some crispy gram flour noodles….and more…and more….and more…..

Jelebi and Kulfi – 2 desserts at the very heart of Indian desserts that we have made delectably vegan…usually you would only have one, but it’s dessert, and it’s a Saturday night and it’s delicious.

All of this scrumptious delicious-ness….for only £20!! Contact the lovely folk at The Curious Pumpkin for your seat!

See Facebook event HERE.

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