Bristol Food Connections – Food Choices Panel

Saturday 16th June. 12:00 pm. Bristol Energy Hub, Waterfront, BS1 5UH

Join Gaz Oakley (the avant-garde vegan), Rachel de Thample (chef and advocate of eating less meat), Isaac Price-Sosner from Flexi Bristol (flexitarianism), Kamaldeep Sidhu (‘real food’ advocate), and Richard Young (Sustainable Food Trust Policy Director) in this panel debate looking at the decisions we make around what we eat, and why we choose to be vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or a full-on meat eater. Chaired by Nessie Reid (Global Diversity Foundation Coordinator, Oxford Real Farming Conference & creator of The Milking Parlour), we’ll see these experts from each field in the spotlight talking about what drives their choices.

This is a free event and lasts 45 minutes, no need to book. Just get yourself to the Festival Hub in good time. See more HERE.

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