Cook VEGAN Mexican food with Ana

Wednesday 13 June 2018, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Hi! My name is Ana and I come from Mexico City. I am currently studying a MSc. in International Development at Bristol Uni and I believe there is no better way to give others a taste of Mexico than with original Mexican food!

In this class you will learn how to make:

1. “Agua de Jamaica”: iced hibiscus tea, a typical drink to enjoy the nice weather.

2. Cauliflower “ceviche”: we’re going to swap the fish for cauliflower to make a refreshing “ceviche” that is perfect as an appetizer or on its own. Great for when you need to prepare a quick meal.

3. Mushroom “enfrijolada”: tacos filled with spinach and mushrooms, drowned in a tasty black bean sauce and topped with red onion and avocado. Learn how to make your own tortillas from scratch using ingredients that you can find in Bristol!

4. “Pay de limón”: we will make this traditional key lime pie by using vegan biscuits for the first layer and coconut milk and soaked cashews for the second.

See more info HERE.

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