Righteous and Woke (vegan)


Vegan Deli Food from Bristol – Cultured Not-Cheeses and Seitanic Sausages.

Listen. In the city to The West, at the cusp of dawn, the Vision of a great and golden PULSE came to Persons Righteous & Woke, and spake unto them the trumpet toot of the Great Bean’s truth:From the Seeds, Sprouts, The Roots and Leaves that grow upon the Earth, shall you fashion Some Very Nice Food, that All shall be Pleased and Full and Thankful and Not At All Bored’And thus was Founded The Not-Dairy, where, Humble beneath the Wisdom of the Bean, Righteous and Woke strive daily, gently tending Not-cheeses and Not-tages in Stewardship and Love.

Vegan Not-Cheeses and Chorisn’t at Easton Food Assembly on Weds 6th June. Righteous & Woke process to The Easton Food Assembly Special Event on Weds 6th June, Where they will humbly offer, for tasters, and cold cash, these Superiour Veganic Items for the greedy gormandizer:

Cultured Not-Cheese Avon Gorge
Flavourful fermented paté Ooh Mummy
Bristol Blue Cashew Not-Cheese
Super-spicy seitanic Chorisn’t

All hand-crafted in the Righteous and Woke Non-Dairy and Cruelty Free Charcuterie.


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