This Funzing Experience: Why You Should Ditch Dairy

A belief that cows exist in some kind of bucolic, fairytale world of rural bliss has infiltrated itself into the public’s consciousness. Yet dairy cows are arguably Britain’s hardest working mothers.

We humans have taken the wonder of birth and nurturing, stripped them of their magic and corrupted the process. Juliet led a Viva! investigation of 15 dairy farms that supply Cadbury, so what is the dark side of dairy? And why does it matter? The life of a dairy cow has resulted in larger volumes of milk with larger volumes of hormones and growth factors in every sip we drink. Juliet explores the health issues around consuming hormone cocktails and asks is it necessary for our health? Does it damage our health and how? What health premise are dairy products sold under and she looks at lactose intolerance, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, pus, yes pus content in the white stuff and whether kids need milk.

Mon 21st May. See more HERE.

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