Tigermylk and flOat


Tigermylk and flOat are delicious milky dairy-free drinks, that have been specially developed to taste great in tea and coffee, and to be used in all applications where you would usually use milk. They are delivered in re-usable glass bottles, helping to reduce tetra-pack waste in Bristol, a popular packaging which is not fully recyclable.

flOat – ​This is a full-bodied, fresh and natural tasting oatmylk that is unique. We have teamed up with the organic pioneers hodmedods and are using a special variety of oat that no-one else is using, which we know because there is such a limited supply!

Tigermylk tastes like a cross between almond and oat milk, but with an extra richness and fullness of flavour, mainly due to the fact it has a much higher percentage of ingredients compared to most nut milks (also, its not a nut, meaning it is fine for people with nut allergies).

Weekly doorstep delivery including the option of locally grown salad and freshly baked sourdough bread.

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