D I Y Punks Market at The Golden Lion


An event for the sale, application and consumption of such things affiliated with the PUNX lifestyle (12th May). Such as;

VEGAN FOOD – Pie Baby will be the forefront of this but there will be stalls for all manner of animal-free consumables.

TATTOOS – In collaboration with Holey Skin (Gloucester Road), we’ll have the likes of Shaun Sepr and many more to be confirmed. Space can become available for tattoos at Holey Skin. If you want anything, book in advance to make sure. Keep an eye out for tattooists names added to this bill. It’s a work in progress.

RECORDS – Specialist Subject Records will have all the finest new and old punk records/cd’s/tapes for sale. Support your local record store!

ART – Visually enjoyable delights from the likes of;
Mick Hockney
Shaun Sepr
Many more TBC

BOOZE – It’s a pub afterall but hopefully Bristol Gin will make a delightful appearance. Again, work in progress. Please don’t bring your own.

Many more things to be confirmed, such as ethical garment & jewelry makers, artists and such to be confirmed. If you have something you can sell and it is ETHICALLY SOURCED and VEGAN then get in touch. We’d be happy to have you. See Facebook event HERE.

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