Hempty Plates Banquet


Our journey through an exquisite six-course array of tantilising plates begins at 19.30 (Sat 5/Sun 6 May 2018) with a welcome cocktail, an opportunity to settle into our cosy nest, and canapé’s to amuse your bouche. All this, accompanied with live ambient sounds to help you settle into our haven, and an opportunity to meet with some of the farmers who produce your food.

Once the mood is set, you’ll be shown to your seats and the leisurely unveiling of our lovingly crafted dishes will begin. After the last dish is served, with your taste-buds still quivering with the glory of what they just experienced, music will resume, and you are welcome to join us in the Hempty Plates late lounge until the evening is through.

So come & be inspired! Relax in our beautifully decorated yurts, a natural plant-filled oasis for a calm, engaging evening. All hemp is UK sourced. All ingredients are plant-based, supplied locally and organic. All cleaning products biodegradable. All staff loved. All things considered. See more info HERE.

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