Vegan Evening with Gaz Oakley

waterstones gaz evening

Going vegan was the best decision Gaz Oakley ever made. Gaz, aka Avant-Garde Vegan, found that, as a trained chef, it was surprisingly easy to get big tastes and colours into vegan dishes, and he also noticed an improvement in the way he felt.

The emphasis in Gaz’s amazing vegan recipes is first and foremost on FLAVOUR. From Kentucky Fried Chick’n and Fillet “Steak” Wellington to Chocolate Tart and Summer Berry Mousse Cake, it’s all incredible-tasting food that just happens to be vegan.

Join Gaz to hear the story of his conversion to veganism and his meteoric rise on YouTube. There will be the opportunity to taste some of the incredible food from his debut cookbook Vegan 100.

Tickets for this event (Thu, 5 Apr 2018) are £3 including a glass of (vegan) wine on arrival. Please reserve online or ask a bookseller for more details.

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