Wimpy Vegan

Wimpy Vegan restaurants could be coming to Bristol as ‘exciting vegan’ expansion plans announced

Fast food fans, rejoice – you may soon have more choice of where to get your burger and fries fix thanks to the UK revival of multinational chain, Wimpy. If you don’t remember them, ask your folks. Yes, the fast food joint is planning a huge UK expansion in the hope of getting back to their glory days, going green, adding jackfruit, tempeh, cheekin, seitan, and tofu burgers to the environmentally friendly menu.

There were over 500 Wimpy restaurants across the UK, one of which is still at the Brean Leisure Park near Weston-super-Mare. But now, Wimpy is going to try and reverse its decline, announcing plans for “expansion and investment, and going vegan.” “We do have some exciting new plans in terms of continued expansion and an investment programme,” Len Teal advised. “Not many details have been revealed, but further plans could be announced very soon”, Ken Wah added.

However, with well-established giants like McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC ruining the high street, it’s going to be a hard market to break into. What’s more, the British public are a lot more health-conscious than we were 50 years ago, and a lot more emphasis is placed on where food has come from, that animals don’t need to die to feed appetites. That said, the nostalgia factor may help bring in older people – or meat free hipster millennials who’d be all over a potentially retro vibe.

The first Wimpy opened in 1954 at Lyons Corner House in London and soon became known for its burgers and chips. A few decades later, the chain had dominated cities and towns across the UK. But as American fast food chains moved in, the British public fell out of love with Wimpy, and after several attempts to revive the restaurant, its success eventually waned. Whether Wimpy’s comeback will be a winner or not remains to be seen, but vegan is the way to go.

In other news, an artisan vegan sex toy shop will open on the ever-gentrifying North Street according to Mark Thomas.

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