Viva La Mexicana

149 East Street, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 4EJ

viva-la-mexicana-logo 2

Viva La Mexicana is a Mex-Mex restaurant rather than Tex-Mex. We are a member of Sabores Autenticos de Mexico, an organisation whose membership is open only to restaurants that promote authentic Mexican cuisine. Our chefs were trained in authentic Mexican cuisine by Mexican chefs for over 10 years before coming to the UK and we are pleased to offer an exciting, varied, authentic Mexican menu, with dishes seldom found elsewhere in the UK.

We have had a number of vegan guests, are now used to them, and they have given us favourable comments on our facebook page. While I have not tagged our dishes as vegan as yet, we have done so with vegetarian – what we usually say is that for every dish tagged as vegetarian we can make it as a vegan one (these are tagged with a ‘V’ on the menus on our website). We made sure that we use ‘free from’ for all the ingredients and always carry a stock of vegan cheese, as  cheese features heavily in Mexican cooking. We also have vegan white and red wine. We recently provided a vegetarian buffet for 30 guests; we could equally provide a vegan buffet if there is a large enough demand.

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