Relish Vegan Supper Club

Relish was launched with two main goals: first to de-mystify the whole idea of plant based food (and hopefully change the common perception that all we eat is quinoa and lettuce!) and secondly, to provide delicious, hearty and different food that appeals to everyone – not just those that follow the vegan lifestyle. We hate the idea that anyone is scared of trying vegan food because of the feeling that they might be judged in some way or have opinions forced on them, all we want is for people to enjoy the food that we make and tell all their friends about it!

Our supper clubs offer affordable set menus that include three courses of fabulous vegan food created from locally sourced ingredients that will vary from week to week.

One thought on “Relish Vegan Supper Club

  1. Relish Supper Club takes place in a stunning Georgian townhouse apartment, creating a relaxed atmosphere that immediately makes you feel at home. The host, Alex, was very welcoming – offering a drink on arrival, taking our coats and encouraging us to sit and make ourselves comfortable. Relish enticed us with three wonderful courses that really demonstrated how delicious vegan food can be. The chef, Amy, joined us after dessert and was very informative about her creations and the ingredients involved. Overall the evening was an inspiring insight into vegan cuisine and I would challenge any inqusitive meat-eaters to book a place at Relish Supper Club and try something different – you will be amazed!’


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