Pop-Up Vegan Tapas Night and Dance

I’m thrilled to announce the second Vegan Tapas Evening at Space 238 in Easton, an evening of tasty aperitifs, tapas & post-nourishment dancing curated by our special guest DJ Belafonte who is a Bristol based DJ and promoter that has been in the music scene of the Southwest 10 years now. He will be playing soukous, makossa, hi life, Afrobeats, Afro soul, Bossa, Latin grooves and Juju music.

Fátima García (aka Atis) from Shanti_Indiga_Food will be bringing you this evening of fun, serving up some plant based delights and offering a healthy and creative interpretation of the Spanish tapas tradition to satisfy and appeal to all palates. Here’s what you can enjoy that night:


1. Vegan sushi rolls with tamari souce
2. Crumbled potatoes with canary mojo
3. Beet burger (no bread-gluten free) +salad
4. Pesto tapa
5. A drink (non alcoholic fresh-fruity tea)

£12 per head

Dessert: I´m offering a dessert as a option for £2.50/each. Just let me know if you want to include it in your menu. ♥

With love, Fátima García (aka Atis) from Shanti_Indiga_Food

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