The Music Pantry’s vegan roast dinner club

TMP vegan roast dinner club

We’re excited to announce that we are continuing our partnership with Loves and running the monthly Vegan Roast Dinner club into 2018. Once a month Loves Café (Weston) hosts The Music Pantry in their cosy setting, where we offer a roast dinner worthy of Christmas Day. The menu tends to remain the same – look, we’re here for a full blown roast dinner, who needs options?

Per person: £14.95

Mushroom and Chestnut Wellington with pecan basil pesto
Wasabi Swede mash
Salty sweet maple roots
Cauliflower and leek ‘cheese’
Pan fried garlic sprouts
Balsamic purple cabbage
Roast potatoes
Nut stuffing
Marmite gravy

Changes every week – always vegan always delicious. Previous puddings:
Apple and winter berry spiced crumble with custard
Clementine and cranberry cake with ice cream
Chocolate mint fudge cake
Cinnamon and banana loaf

More info HERE.

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