Mission Pizza at Bristol Spirit

mission pizza bristol spirit menu

Mission Pizza are with us from Thursday 1st to Feb 17th.

Here’s what they had to say when asked about which pies are their bestsellers…

“We only serve vegetarian and vegan pizza and there’s no getting away from it, most people love meat. This is good though as we’re trying to show through pizza that it’s possible to cut down on the meat in your diet and still eat amazing food. We use plant based meat alternatives that quite frankly when we prepare it you can’t really tell the difference between flora and fauna. PERSUASION BY PIE.

We have a pizza on the menu called the ‘Proper Job’ which is based around a spicy vegan fennel sausage we make ourselves, we tried to swap it out with another pizza as our menu is always changing depending on the season we’re in, day of the week it is, what’s available and how inspired we feel; bad move, people were marching in Bristol demanding it was put back on the menu, it’s now one of our regulars, here to stay, going nowhere.”

We cannot WAIT to try this one!

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