15 King Street, Bristol, BS1 4EF

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Authentic Italian Pizzeria

Pepenero is a family owned and operated authentic Italian pizzeria located at The Beer Emporium in the heart of Bristol city centre. In addition to over 30 vegan, veggie and meat pizzas, we offer a full range of authentic italian appetisers, light snacks, pasta dishes, soups, salads, and desserts. And of course, as a part of The Beer Emporium, we offer a full range of local and premium imported beers, ciders and spirits.

We have a full menu of vegan and vegetarian starters, mains and desserts, including over 10 vegan and 10 vegetarian pizzas!

Dessert! We have lots of homemade vegetarian and vegan desserts, including our AMAZING homemade (vegan) Gelato.

We hope to welcome you at Pepenero Organic Pizzeria soon.


11 thoughts on “Pepenero

  1. Had a fantastic lunch in Pepe Nero today. Wandered in with a massive buggy and an excited almost 2yr old. The buggy was carried upstairs for me, the owner chatted to my son as well as me and the food was excellent. We had the lunch deal with an extra pizza topping so for £8.90 had a drink, vegan margarita with vegan bacon, peppers and olives. An all round great meal with friendly service- couldn’t ask for more!

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  2. This looks incredible, such a great menu for vegans! I’m just really gutted that they don’t offer gluten free bases as I’ll be unable to try one until then! I’m waiting patiently 🙂

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  3. I had vegan lasagne there for the first time last night. Previously I’ve just had pizza but I really liked the lasagne along with a generous salad with really nice dressing. Such a good choice for vegans at this authentic Italian eatery.

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  4. if youre Vegan & you havent tried this place, you must!!
    If youre not Vegan & you havent tried this place, you must!!

    They offer fantastic dairy-free cheese pizzas with a variety of toppings (and not just your standard vegetable options either!). But if you want to bring your cheese/meat eating friends, they have alternatives too.

    Me & my work colleagues often pop down on a lunchtime as they do a £7 meal deal which includes a huge pizza with 2 toppings & a soft/alcoholic beverage. I like it when they suggest to have lunch here cus its easy for me to have a selection, which is sweet of them & means i satisfy my pizza craving too!

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  5. I had a take away pizza from Pepe Nero a couple of months ago. I had heard great things and was very excited! I ordered a ham style and pineapple pizza and also paid for spicy oil to be added (the option of fresh chillies would be good!). Unfortunately they’d forgotten to add the spicy oil and the pizza was not overwhelming (a little bland) but still good. They have a great range of vegan options which I’m still yet to explore and I plan to return!

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    • Hi Polly, I’m really sorry to hear that we forgot to add the spicy oil on your pizza, which was not overwhelming! When you order again please remind us what happened so we can take extra care of your food order!

      Many thanks for your feedback


      P.R. Manager at Pepenero

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      • Hi Luisa, thanks for your reply. Everyone makes mistakes, these things happen! I look forward to returning soon to sample some of your other great offerings.


  6. I heart Pepe Nero, and so does the rest of Viva! In fact, it was my colleague who walked up to them not long after they’d opened and asked if they’d consider doing vegan pizza. The rest is history… Salvatore and the team went for it big time, making them the first business in Bristol to offer such options and they’ve gone from strength to strength. They are the ideal business to work with: open-minded, no ego, friendly and they think out of the box. I wish other caterers were this professional and customer-minded!

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