Matter Fastfoods (Vegan)

660 Fishponds Rd, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3HJ

Sunday/Monday – closed. Tues – Thurs – 5-9.30 pm, Fri & Sat -10.30 pm


Here’s the date you’ve all been dreading/waiting for… 
17th August 2019 at 9.30pm we will close up for the last time at our Fishponds site. 

The fast food takeaway that includes everyone!

Through the medium of healthier junk food we aim to unite everyone veggie, vegan and omnivore, by creating a delicious and exciting menu of organic and nutritious, but likened to some of the more popular classic fast food dishes.

Battered sausage and chips, or the much loved tofish and and chips, fried cheekin, homemade sauces like, chilli, sweet and sour, gravy, curry sauce, garlic mayo, all made without cheap salt, oil or msg. We also make high end stir fries and other wok made dishes, like our famous crispy chili tobeef, all made from Matters Vegetables which ensures they will be always organic and where ever possible local and seasonal.

Desserts available range from banana fritters through to high end raw vegan cheese cakes and homemade super chocolate. Tasty, affordable, nutritious and satisfying,

The UK’s First Vegan Fish and Chip Shop Nabs PETA Award

12 thoughts on “Matter Fastfoods (Vegan)

  1. We visited from Leicester and were blow away with the friendliness, the range and taste of the food. They were passionate friendly and simply full of enthusiasm about what they provide! Well done Guys

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  2. I went there yesterday for the first time…took a small detour on my way home. It was really good and now I’m afraid that I have to go more often and try all the items in their menu.

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  3. When my daughter told me there was a 100% Vegan fish & chip shop in Bristol , Wow this is awesome can’t wait to come and try some, amazing news Bravo 🙂


  4. Oh my goodness im so excited about this! Fishponds does have some sit down vegan options but vegan fish and chips will be AMAZING


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