Cafe Kino (vegan)

108 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RU

Cafe Kino is a not-for-profit co-operative owned and operated by its workers, and run in part by volunteers. We strive to create a viable business which is open, fair and mutually supportive of all those with whom we are associated.

All of our food is 100% free of animal ingredients, and we are proud to have always provided delicious food enjoyed by all!

Cafe Kino is working to create an atmosphere of respect and understanding in which everyone is valued. We believe in working co-operatively together and learning from our shared experiences. Cafe Kino is a safe space for all, where everyone will be treated with respect and worth. we ask that all customers respect these goals and treat each other, and our staff, accordingly.

From January 1st 2019 we will no longer offer dairy milk and become FULLY VEGAN.

7 thoughts on “Cafe Kino (vegan)

  1. Yes! I don’t go to Kino much any more cos i’m bored of the menu. I mainly go in there for a sugar fix, but even the cakes have got a bit boring…the cakes around six months ago were AMAZING. There was a parsnip and coconut one that blew my tits off!!! (if you’ll excuse the language)


  2. Another family gathering at Kino on Wednesday for a 15th Birthday. You cannot book tables I was told but we did order a whole cake to eat there. We got seating for 8 easily at 6pm and the cake cost £25 and had 12 portions so worked out well price wise. The staff were as ever lovely and very accommodating and friendly. We had a great time. Thanks again kino.


  3. Visited Café Kino today! Simple concept which I liked and the atmosphere was really good. Had the Kino burger (with added bacon and cheese) with curly fries and a side of slaw). It nearly (nearly) defeated me it was so filling! I think its one of the best home made vegan burgers I’ve ever had 🙂 Came away with cake for supper and also a takeout cappuccino which was lovely. I think it’s good value for money and I definitely want to go back for brunch and will pop in for coffee and cake if shopping in town. I’d recommend it.


  4. Kino has a great atmosphere and ethos, it’s always a pleasure to visit. There’s a great range of teas and coffees and a changing selection of sweet treats. The rest of the menu seems to stay fairly consistent and looks good but is usually a little out of my budget, though I don’t doubt their produce is worth the prices.


  5. Cafe Kino is a staple vegan establishment in Bristol and if you want good tasting vegan food then this is a great place to go.

    I do find that their menu is a bit limited however and if you make a habit of going there regularly you will soon get bored of the endless onslaught of falafel and Kino burgers.

    Great cooked breakfast, great sweet potato chips, and a lovely selection of cakes (including raw brownies) and ice creams. Plus their salad platter with a slice of farinata is perfect in the summer.

    Just wish they’d ditch the dairy milk!


  6. Went to Kino last night with family (a big group!) should have booked a table really as it was hard to find space. Had great vegan food and always great to support somewhere that has an entirely vegan kitchen where you don’t have to explain veganism to them and no chance of cross contamination(they have cows milk option for tea and coffee only). Great to see they also now do ice cream and milk shakes and have the option to have ice cream WITH cake. Which we did obviously.


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