Spotless Leopard (vegan)

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Currently offering collection and delivery during lockdown. See our “Catering” page for info on what’s available and how to order.

A Spotless Leopard recipe book is also in the works as well as a Nanaimo bar postal delivery service across the UK, so if you’re not in Bristol, you don’t have to miss out on the deliciousness.

We frequently host pop-up restaurants where we serve a special set meal. This is an opportunity for us to present a structured menu and watch you eat it. From making a personalised cake for a special occasion, to providing catering for small functions, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss your ideas. You can hire us for weddings, festivals, private functions, markets and any other special events. Contact us for more information.


7 thoughts on “Spotless Leopard (vegan)

  1. Have been to the van a couple of times now and each time have been so pleased with the food! The tempeh sandwich is amazing, the Mac and Cheese at the weekend was (and I quote) “The best mac and cheese I have had” and the Shepherds Pie with Kale is just loveliness in a takeaway box!


  2. Tonight we went to a pop up dinner in Bristol by The Spotless Leopard. Having visited the van on countless occasions I was curious to how a sit down dinner would translate. We were impressed with what we got!

    We were a little late which meant the nut cheese and bread had already been thoroughly demolished but the little taste we had was creamy and mild and crusted in a crunchy coating.

    Soup was a warming and comforting spiced sweet potato. Topped with an creamy swirl, toasted seeds and balsamic vinegar, the sweetness was cut through perfectly and as a dish it was really satisfying.

    Main was chimichanga seitan with buttery mash. The star of the dish was a hollandaise sauce covering grilled asparagus with lemony yumminess. A recipe I definitely will try to replicate at home.

    A generous slice of pear frangipane tart with vanilla icecream and a chocolate caramel truffle rounded everything off deliciously.

    Along with the random table conversation about tax, bristol local history, pulled jackfruit and education politics, the meal was altogether delightful. We will certainly go again. Thanks for a lovely night Louise 🙂


  3. Louise’s food is fantastic – you get rather large portions which is great and I highly recommend her potato salad – it’s amazing!

    Plus her cakes are always a winner, and keep an eye out for her seitan and tempeh sandwiches!


  4. We love their wraps and their cakes especially. The spiced apple cake is particularly good.
    We also like the fact that we can order (and have done) special cakes.


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