Indian Temptation (VEG)

9-10 High Street, Bath BA1 5AQ

Indian Temptation vegan menu

Let Indian Temptation Team take you on a journey of infusion, innovation and illicit flavours through their extensive Northern and Southern Indian menu, with an unexpected nod to British favourites. Indian Temptation allows everyone to explore the world’s most popular cuisine.

All our wine is organic, vegetarian or vegan, sourced from small, independent growers who have complete control over the wine making process. The result is no chemical or synthetic additives, and a purity, depth and length of flavour that complements the subtle but spicy finish of our dishes. Like our food they are easy on the body and leave you feeling refreshed

2 thoughts on “Indian Temptation (VEG)

  1. Have been here twice now.

    First time, the staff were really helpful and talked us through the dishes that were vegan, second time they remembered we were vegan and brought a vegan menu over straight away. There is a large selection of dishes and as there were five of us, we ordered a selection for us to share.

    The food is good, excellent flavours and textures. The dishes are served in odd, lopsided bowls which look great but take a bit of getting used to as you pass them up and down the table. The Masala Dosa is exactly what you want it to be.

    We were promised a vegan dessert would be available soon too, but it still wasn’t on our second visit.

    All the food is cooked fresh, so don’t go expecting to get a quick lunch!

    On the second visit, they also forgot some dishes that we ordered. They were very apologetic when it was pointed out.

    Guy who runs the restaurant was very friendly and helpful but some of the waiting staff looked as if they’d rather be somewhere else.

    Will definitely return as food was good and I’m sure the few teething troubles will get resolved as they gain experience.


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