Vegan (& veggie) places to try when visiting Bath

Green Rocket info HERE

Acorn info HERE

Salads from @beyondthekale make my heart sing!! 🌿💕 #vegan

A post shared by Cole Dennett (@nicolejanelle) on

Beyond the Kale info HERE

Chaiwalla info HERE

Indian Temptation info HERE

Demuths Cookery School info HERE

Chapel Arts Cafe info HERE

Cascara coffee & cake shop info HERE

Castle Farm Cafe info HERE

Harvest health food shop info HERE

Glo Foods info HERE

Yummy pub grub today #vegan #plantbased #pubfood #delicious #meatfree #dairyfree

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Nourish info HERE

Thank you if your pic is included, for helping to show how easy it is to be vegan in Bath.


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