Dean Farm Trust

Dean Farm Trust is a registered charity committed to raising awareness about sick, ill treated and abused animals that have been subjected to factory farming or sport.

Dean Farm Trust is a local charity with an animal sanctuary just outside Chepstow. Rescued animals including Miniature Shetland ponies, Exmoor ponies, donkeys, pigs, sheep and ex-battery hens are all given a home for life. Our work also includes education. What we buy and how we live has a direct impact on both human and animal welfare. By providing information on the use of animals in factory farming, intensive breeding and cruel sports, we hope to help people make cruelty free choices where ever possible. We all have the ability to make informed choices which will improve health, prevent cruelty and protect the environment. Together we can make a difference: help us spread the message of compassionate living. We believe all humans and animals are entitled to live a life free from suffering.

Over the past months, many have asked if they can sponsor an animal at the sanctuary. We are really pleased to be abe to now offer this. We currently do not have the facilities to send out gifts or certificates, but we thankyou so, so much for your support. Every penny you send is grateful recieved.


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