The Gourmet Vegan Food Company

Based in Bristol, The Gourmet Vegan Food Company are suppliers of high quality vegan meals which are prepared using wholesome and fresh ingredients and cooked from scratch in our kitchen. From the purchase of the ingredients to the preparation and cooking of our foods, everything is done by hand just as it would be if you were preparing a meal in your own kitchen. We supply to order, as much as we possibly can, meaning you can be assured that your food is free from additives and can be adapted, when possible, if you have any further nutritional requirements.

One thought on “The Gourmet Vegan Food Company

  1. I highly recommend ‘The Gourmet Vegan Food Company’. The standard of the dishes they create is first class, which is of no surprise given their passion and knowledge towards food. They prepared an amazing spread for a recent house warming party I threw; which not only looked delicious but tasted fantastic! Most of my guests were not vegan, but the food went very quickly, with guests coming back for second and third helpings! Subsequently, I now order from their ‘Home dining menu’ and I look forward to wonderful home cooked dishes throughout the week. As with the dishes created for my party, I love the variety and choice offered. As one guest at my party said when asked what he thought of ‘The Gourmet Vegan Food Company’ his answer was ‘These guys are geniuses! I really can’t agree more!

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