Triple Threat – A weekend of Pies and Pints

8 September – 9 September

Pie Baby and Moor Beer Company come together for the first time to bring you delicious pies paired with pints for mouth watering results. What’s not to like?

Which tag team will you choose in the first battle of the pie and pint?

*El Fuego Bandida (Mexcian Chili) and PMA
*Cheesy Rider( Mac’n;Cheese)and Claudia
*Stroganoff Molotov (Mushroom Stroganoff) and Stout

Specials available for supporting your favourite pie and pint tag team, watch this space.

Pie Baby will be selling pies through Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening while Moor keeps the beer flowing.

All food and beer is Vegan, what a feel good bonus!

More info HERE