Sunday lunch to try in Bristol & Bath (vegan)

See Chris & Jo’s info HERE

#vegan #sunday #roast

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See The Lansdown info HERE

Prince of Wales info HERE

Some of the best vegan food is found at Acorn

Now with vegan Yorkshire pudding. See 1847 HERE

See The Lion Cliftonwood info HERE.

Green Rocket is recommended. Info HERE

Toby info HERE

The Cauldron info is on Vegan Bristol HERE

Old Market Assembly info also HERE

Sunday lunch 😋 #veganroast #saladplate #maitreyasocial

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And Maitreya Social info HERE

The Gallimaufry info on VB HERE

The Volunteer Tavern info is on VB HERE

The Rose of Denmark info is HERE

See The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer info HERE.

Vegan nut roast at the Pipe & Slippers in Bristol. Ideal post-festival scran.

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The Christmas Steps info is HERE.

Thank you if your pic is included, for helping to show how easy it is to be vegan, please let me know if you have any other vegan Sunday lunch instagram pics to add.


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