Matter Fastfoods Jellied Eels

“Wow what an opening night. We’re so glad that people want this. Really great to meet everyone, thanks soooo much for helping to make this work” Jon posted a few weeks back now, and Russell also posted on Facebook “Hands down THE best Vegan takeaway I’ve ever had. I’ll be coming back a lot!”

Matter Fastfoods is Bristol’s (& the UK’s) 1st fully vegan tofish and chip shop, serving a healthy vegan take on classic dishes, like fish or fried chicken and chips, kebabs, and wraps. Having already included a new addition to the menu, jumbo sausage, a Taifun tofu-wiener in their famous crispy organic batter, and “as well as specializing in chips and salad, we also have the best value raw chocolate bars around, with Mulberry lucuma, and coconut oil. Matter fastfoods, making junk food healthier. Chips and chocolate!” says Jon. But now Matter Fastfoods are looking to add jellied eels to their menu also, a vegan version of course, that you may be able to try it soon. Following the vegan tofish and vegan jumbo sausage, the ‘veganising’ of traditional foods continues with this vegan version of the Bristol favourite – Jellied Eels! With the rapid growth in veganism in Bristol over the last 18 months, Jon & Matter Fastfoods including Rick (previously a Grillstock employee now vegan) have been experimenting in the kitchen and the result is ‘Somefin Fishy’, a classic turned vegan with all the flavours and texture of Jellied Eels.

If you haven’t visited yet, Bristol 247 did and wrote “The delicious waft of fried food hits me first when stepping inside what claims to be the UK’s first vegan fish and chip shop; this small Fishponds takeaway smelling possibly better than any chippy I’ve ever been in. Delicately flavoured, fried to perfection and accompanied with a lemon wedge, hot mushy peas and a bonus fresh side salad, the tofish was a taste revelation that left me satisfied but without the sick-to-my stomach full of a more traditional greasy takeaway. And leaving the best to last: the chips. Always my own favourite of any fish and chip supper, the ‘proper chip shop’ chips were lavishly coated with salt and vinegar, fried to a golden brown crunch and tasted as good as any I’ve ever devoured on the harbour side of Cornwall’s finest fishing ports. With prices that better reflect the takeaway total of my childhood, my tofish and chips, with a side of mushy peas and an elderflower presse set me back £7.70 – another reason, if any more were needed, why a vegan alternative could be the way ahead.”

Wriggle also visited, describing “Their tofish is pure deep fried food porn”. Watch their brief video below.

The Bristol Post also visited too and wrote “It hasn’t even been a full week since Bristol’s newest takeaway opened its doors and it’s already won an award. Matter Fastfoods has been awarded the Proggy Award from PETA, which recognises animal-friendly achievements in commerce and culture. People travelled for hours to sample its tofish and chips on launch night, and they weren’t disappointed. But Jon Freeman, who is behind Matter Fastfoods, is well versed in providing, healthy, tasty vegan food, already running Matter Wholefoods in Easton. He said: “It’s about giving people food that is good for them and will nurture their bodies, as well as helping the environment. “We’ve already had such a great reaction, and it’s been great to see so many non-vegans interested in what we are doing. “Matter Fastfoods is a stepping stone for people to take into veganism. Of course people won’t want to be eating chips every night, but we have plenty of salads and healthy stir-frys, and we just want to show people that there are options out there if you want to live a healthier lifestyle.”

With Fish and chips off the menu as marine experts warn haddock has become unsustainable it looks like Matter Fastfoods turned up at exactly the right time. When asked recently about a deep fried Twilight (Vegan Mars Bar) bar Jon says “don’t worry, we have stuff in the laboratory” & “even busier than our opening night tonight! It’s becoming evident that this type of eating is no passing craze, this is the way it is and it’s going to get bigger. Yes! People care!” and admits “We want to employ people, lots of vacancies going on but we really need front of house staff and cooks, the right people will have passion for this type of thing and I guess experience would definitely be an advantage! Also looking for someone with lots of experience in the industry to take over from me at Matter Wholefoods too. Can we get a CV from you if you’re interested or feel you have something to offer” and wished to pass on “Lots of love to all the Matter customers and crew, without you this amazing movement wouldn’t have happened! Thanks all”.

See more Matter Fastfoods info HERE

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