Pie Baby (vegan)

www.piebaby.co.uk www.twitter.com/piebabypies407 www.facebook.com/Pie-Baby www.instagram.com/piebabypies


We have a dream, a food dream, to bring vegan deliciousness to the masses starting with pies & mashes.

From small steps to giant leaps. If you appreciate good honest food and like to eat then Pie Baby is for you. We love tasting so good ’cause it feels so bad. Delicious pies to fill your hole!

We have only just arrived from London so may take us a while to get off the ground. We ran as a pop-up in London so we will try to start doing some events asap and get into a weekend market. We are currently able to do private orders for events etc.

This new venture is a wife and husband food start up, formed in a home kitchen with nothing but big vegan dreams and a love of pies. Lara Fair is the cook and Finn Fair is the artist in charge of all design work.

All Pie Baby pies are topped with delicious garlic mash (an influence of their New Zealand upbringing) and the flavours available are:

  • The Stroganoff Molotov – mushroom Stroganoff for a taste explosion
  • The Cheesy Rider – mac’n’cheese alternative to get your taste buds rolling
  • El Fuego Bandida – revolutionary Mexican chilli bean to set you on fire



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