Bakabush Vegan Recipe Zine


A page of Belizean and worldwide inspired vegan recipes!

The 2nd Issue of BAKABUSH – Vegan Recipe Zine is here.
50 pages of yummy vegan recipes from all over the world. Printed on thick recycled paper with a colour printed card cover!

Some example recipes are: BBQ Seitan Ribs, Pecan Pie, Mushroom Stifado, Cajun Jambalaya, Pistachio Ice Cream and lots more! Massive thanks to Active Distribution for helping with the printing and distro of this zine. Every order comes with free stickers 🙂 Illustration by Ian Gibson. *** Every 3 months we will donate 15% of our profits made to an animal charity, which will change every 3 months.

2 thoughts on “Bakabush Vegan Recipe Zine

  1. Bought your ‘zine’ at a gig the other night. My daughter is a vegan & coming up for her vegan anniversary☺ so we want to do a vegan feast. I don’t have a food processor but I want to make the LUSH sounding sauces. So, have you got a recommendation for a processer that’ll do nuts? Please. Ta.☺


    • Hi Suzi,

      thanks for picking up a copy 🙂 you can use any budget blender, I would recommend getting one around the £30 or above mark that has a blender attachment too. Just remember to soak the nuts in boiling water from the kettle for 10-15mins, just to soften them and to reduce the granular texture of the sauce 🙂



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