Golden Eagle

596 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3DA


Golden Eagle is located on Fishponds Road in Fishponds. Order for collection or delivery for a variety of Chinese dishes you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Their range of dishes combine traditional authentic Peking with the addition of Malaysian and Hong Kong specialties providing a blend of Asian influences. You will also find some of the Chinese regional classics here such as Sweet and Sour, Chop Suey and Foo Yung Dishes.

This menu (inc vegetarian ‘chicken’, ‘duck’, and ‘pork’) has been compiled with an appreciation of customers various experiences and adventurous spirit in Chinese food. Whatever you order, we hope you enjoy and look forward to your order.

One thought on “Golden Eagle

  1. We always use golden eagle when we fancy a Chinese! The food always tastes fresh and doesn’t seem as msg heavy as other places. They do an amazing vegan crispy duck pancake starter which is quite pricey but definitely worth it. They’re also the only place in Bristol I’ve found to do salt and pepper chips which are amazing!
    We’ve also ordered food for collection and picked it up less than half a hour later. Delivery is also quite quick…we’ve waited over a hour for delivery from some places but never here.


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