Good Chemistry

Unit 2, William Street, St Philips, Bristol BS2 0RG


Our taproom’s open more now, so pop by Fri 5-8 or Sat 2-7 & we’ll be here. Add & & you’ve got a mini-trail!

Hello. Welcome to Good Chemistry Brewing. We’re Kelly and Bob and we’re passionate about making great beer to share with as many people as possible. Here’s where you can find our beers in the wild. Keep checking back for updated listings. Cheers!

Did you know? The foamy head is an important part of beer. It is formed by a complex carbon-dioxide reaction and can say a lot about the quality of the beer. If the head is missing, it can mean that your beer is flat and sometimes bland-tasting.

While our first run of beers were fined we have been working hard to eliminate this from our processes, and have now done so almost completely. Our only fined beer still on sale is Hurly Burly (available on draught only).


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