The Naked Kitchen (vegan)

The Naked Kitchen

Unit 15 Windmill Hill Farm Business Park, Bristol BS3 4DB



Little intro to the Naked Kitchen and our ethos:

Lifelong friends with a shared passion for food Johnny and I decided to put our heads together and develop a range of flavoured falafels and houmous. Inspired by Johnny’s many years working in some of the top restaurants in Bristol and by my own life-long commitment to being a vegetarian and a strong advocate of animal welfare we, decided to produce foods that were gluten free and suitable for vegans as well as being healthy and above all delicious for anyone.
We started off hand rolling each of our falafels in our commercial kitchen in Bristol. We used traditional recipes but with the addition of popular fruits, veg and our own special twist such as Butternut Squash & Nutmeg, Beetroot, Sweet Potato & Basil. The products we have developed have proved hugely popular to an ever increasing number of outlets.

The success we have had in Bristol has meant that our company has grown from strength to strength. We now offer a large range of falafels and have introduced a new range of SUPER FOOD falafels which include Ginger Ninja (blend of ginger, kale & quinoa), Rainbow Warrior (a falafel packed full of seeds and berries).
With a growing demand for vegetarian eating we believe our products offer enticing new options which are both enjoyable and good for you. Something packed with flavor and healthy ingredients to eat at home, take on a picnic, or to your workplace for a delicious snack lunch.

Johhny and I are committed to creating the best and tastiest falafel and houmous bites available anywhere in the country. To that end we will continue to search for new ranges to suit anyone who enjoys good food and healthy eating.


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