The Cauldron

98 Mina Road, Bristol BS2 9XW

Our restaurant is the UK’s first solid fuelled kitchen in over 100 years. We burn Charcoal & Beech Logs in a bespoke kitchen to heat our cast iron Cauldrons, Victorian Swedish Stove and Wood Fired Oven. Doing so allows us to remove our reliance on the “Big 6” energy suppliers.

The Cauldron’s emphasis is on providing ethically & locally sourced, creative fare, which is cooked using heirloom cookery methods from many different cultures around the world. Additionally, The Cauldron’s ethos is to procure furnishings, consumables and ingredients in St Werburghs where possible. We always look to improve of sustainability and mindfulness in procurement of our produce.

Using heirloom cookery methods and solid fuels like charcoal really challenge Henry and Lucia to discover, and rediscover, ways to create superb dishes and beautiful tastes. The two of them draw from their 25 years of experience to produce a combination of classic dishes, and inventive, globally influenced cuisine. The menu changes every 7-10 days, depending availability and seasonality of produce. Check out the “Menu” page to see what is on offer this week.