Lost & Grounded


91 Whitby Road, Bristol BS4 4AR


Our beers contain no isinglass finings, are vegan friendly and naturally hazy. L&G

Bristol’s newest brewery is also Bristol’s newest vege-friendly brewery. “No Isinglass, no ingredients of animal origin” they stated in response to my inquiry. In an increasingly crowded craft beer scene a brewery has to do something special to be noticed. Lost & Grounded stand out because they are doing something that none of the other Bristol breweries are; producing: unpasteurised, live, keg conditioned European beer styles in a state of the art brewery. It even has a lactic acid propagator for those sour styles.

And the beers? I was lucky enough to try two in The Barley Mow in their first week of sale. Hop Hand Fallacy (4.4%) was very much in the Belgian farmhouse ale tradition falling somewhere between a light Saison and a Witbier with the latter’s hints of coriander & peel. The real winner was Keller Pils (4.8%), a really lovely unfiltered hoppy really real lager. They also apparently do an 8.8% Tripel which I am really looking forward to trying. Watch out for keg font clips like these. They could be a real sign of quality. Mark

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