UoB VegSoc


We are the University of Bristol’s Vegetarian and Vegan Society! We welcome everyone from the student community to join us and discover just how great a more plant-based lifestyle can be. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, interested in reducing your meat intake, pescatarian, lactose intolerant, or just curious, come and see what we have to offer. We aim to be as inclusive as possible.

There are all manner of exciting and interesting things going on in the society this year, including:

Cafe, restaurant, and pub socials, so we can share some of the many fantastic veggie eateries that Bristol has to offer.

Cookery demos. Are you looking to expand your meat-free repertoire? Can’t get a perfect rise on your vegan cakes? Or is this your first time living away from home, and you can barely tell the difference between a saucepan and an aubergine? These will be the events for you.

Bring-and-share food events, picnics, and pot-lucks. Let’s all stuff our faces together!

Talks, Debates, and Film Screenings. Including some by local and national charities & businesses.

Activism. This year we’ll be getting more involved with local and national animal & environmental activism.

Plus much more! There could be some Great Vegan Bake-Off or Come Veg With Me style happenings in the pipelines, too. We are also more than happy to hear from members with any suggestions or ideas for other events or campaigns. We like everyone to have their voices heard and feel a part of the society.

Membership is open to all members of the UoB student community, and costs just £4 for the whole academic year. You can purchase your membership using the link on our SU page. Once a member, you will have access to our member-only and ticketed events, and receive a membership card which will give you some super discounts at local veg-friendly restaurants and outlets.

UoB VegSoc would also be happy to hear from any local or national charities, eateries, or organisations with a vegan ethos, who are willing to collaborate with us in some way. This can include anything from collaboration with campaigns, providing speakers, organising workshops, raising awareness, promotions, or offering discounts to our members.

Contact UoB VegSoc using vegsocbristol@gmail.com; keep up-to-date with society news and events on our Facebook page; & follow us on twitter.


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