Top 8 Vegan Greats in Bristol from TSL Louise!

That’s The Spotless Leopard Louise

spotless leopard logo new

1. Tofu noodle hotpot from Chilli Daddy – the branch at the bottom of St. Michael’s Hill is the best one. Choose wheat noodles and spice level 4! Trust me.

2. Samosa Chaat from Gopal’s Curry Shack. I think about this dish a lot… It’s so tangy and delicious and I have no idea how to make it which makes it magical to me.

spotless leopard Macaroni cheese

3. Macaroni cheese with smoky “bacon” bits at The Spotless Leopard. (Not biased at all).

4. Spicy kale at Fi Real. It’s a side dish but the most amazing way I’ve ever tasted kale! And everyone knows the people at Fi Real are the friendliest!

5. Title unknown… It’s a sugar-free chocolate caramel slice/thing at Royce Rolls in St. Nick’s Market and it blows my mind every time. Super sweet.

6. Jaffa Fakes at Kind Cakes Mean Bakes. Seriously better than -actual- Jaffa Cakes.

7. For a really dirty pizza, I’m going for the vegetarian with vegan cheese from Big Bite on Cheltenham Road. I had to put pizza on the list as there are so many vegan options in Bristol, but Big Bite just does that disgustingly greasy and unhealthy thing really really well.

8. Chocolate slice by Little Roar. I get mine from Wild Oats at the top of Whiteladies Road. I’m not big on raw cakes but it’s incredibleeeee. (Bonus: while you’re there, you should buy some white iChoc chocolate!)


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